Why I’m So Enthusiastic About the Indie Authors I Interview

April 13, 2013
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I got a curious question the other day.

“Why do you gush over your authors?” a visitor to The Bookcast wanted to know.

I hadn’t really thought of it in those terms. When I’m doing an interview it doesn’t feel like I’m “gushing,” although now I suppose I’ll be more self-aware.
To my ear I’m simply praising the authors I interview for the fine work they’ve produced, and telling them – and you – what I liked about their books.

Has that become “gushing”?

The indie authors I choose to interview on The Bookcast are those whose books stand out. Their work compares favorably with books by more mainstream authors in their genre, their writing is compelling, and reading their books is fun.

Oh, look. I’m gushing again.

They are talented, hardworking, sometimes almost preternaturally prolific, and a lot of fun to talk to. They are people I want you to meet, and their books are books I think you will enjoy reading.

Gush, gush, gush,

I suppose there is one more reason I may appear to be too solicitous. It’s called being polite. The authors I interview are on The Bookcast at my invitation; they are guests in my venue. How rude it would be for me to issue an invitation to be bullied or criticized.

In fact if an author’s book is so bad that I would feel the need to “take ‘em apart,” they don’t get an invitation in the first place. You won’t hear them on The Bookcast.

So, do I gush over my authors? I suppose I do, but justifiably so, I believe.

Go read some of their books and see if you don’t gush, too.

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One Response to Why I’m So Enthusiastic About the Indie Authors I Interview

  1. March 29, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you!
    As an Indie Author – I appreciate everything you said.
    And incidently, I agree – as a general rule, they are a very talented and hardworking group!
    Thanks again,

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