What Got This (Good) Dad Arrested

October 11, 2011
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As parents we’ve all done things from time to time that, if we’d taken a minute to think about it, we probably wouldn’t have done.

Virtually every parent has, at some point, threatened to make their misbehaving kid walk home from church, the mall, a restaurant. Usually the threat is enough to get the bad behavior to stop.

Dave Lieber

But suppose you actually DID drive off, to leave your kid to walk home. Then suppose the police got involved, and suddenly you’re being arrested, hauled off to jail, and charged with a crime?

Suppose, no further. Because that’s just what happened to Dave Lieber, a newspaper columnist in Fort Worth, Texas. He’s written about this episode he calls the worst ten minutes of his life, in a book called “Bad Dad.”

Listen to Dave Lieber

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