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Let’s Slay the Cliché

September 21, 2014
Let's slay the cliche

The other day I was reading the first few pages of an indie author’s latest book. It was someone whose work I was familiar with, although I had not read anything they had written lately. After just a couple of pages I had an uneasy feeling. Something wasn’t working, like a car whose engine is misfiring. Then I realized what the problem was: cliches. Worn-out phrases. Tired old ways of saying things. You know this…

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Learn to See Your Book The Way An Editor Does

June 27, 2013
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Writers have a love-hate relationship with editors and editing. The value of good editing is obvious, but it’s not something most writers look forward to doing, or having someone else do. While editing is integral to the writing process, its role is often misunderstood. So, what if editing could make writing less stressful and more enjoyable? What if it could help you write sharper, more compelling prose? Now “The Editor’s Eye” by book coach and…

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