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A Side of Humor With Your Cozy

November 12, 2014

What do Santa’s Sidekick, a dead lawyer and a geriatric vampire have in common? Well, let’s open Lizz Lund‘s cozy “Christmas Bizarre” and find out…. Meet Mina Kitchen, a forty-something single who finds trouble quicker than she can whip up a batch of breakfast breads. Plural. Her “catering disorder” runs neck-and-neck with her weird luck, and her cat’s weirder tendency toward gnawing elf gear. Okay, and getting kidnapped a couple of times in one week…

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Battle of Good Vs. Evil, With Christian Undertones

May 15, 2013
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If a priest is attacked and turned into a vampire did he have a choice? If your parents were demons are you damned to Hell? Virgo Furs is an agent of the Council of the United Underworld Coalition. And in Scott Dorsey‘s fantasy “Son of a Succubus,” he finds himself asking those same questions while on a hit-list, and faces the prospect of being murdered by vampire assassins or executed by the Council for a…

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She Wanted to Kill Him – But Fell in Love Instead

January 10, 2013
VBT The Vrykolakas Deviation Book Cover Banner copy

Keeva lives her life on the run, changing identities and personas. She is running from monsters she has never seen — vrykolakes, vampire creatures her father, Sandor, has told her stories about all her life. Keeva had almost convinced herself that these monsters had all died in a volcano eruption on the island of Strongili long ago. But, in Sherri Lackey‘s novel “The Vrykolakas Deviation,” when a vrykolakas named Severin kills Keeva’s best friend Mandy,…

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What If This Was Really How It All Began?

January 9, 2013
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Prior to recorded history, a small genetic mutation occurred that created a race of humans now found among every civilization in every corner of the globe. Unrecognizable to the rest of mankind but dependent upon them for survival, this race is known as Mortui; those whose spirits do not sever from their bodies when they die. As S.P. Cloward reveals in his novel “AfterLife,” they are the source of all “living dead” legends. At the…

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Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Vampire

August 8, 2012
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Willie is a young woman who’s just had her wedding plans yanked out from under her. Catching your fiancee in bed with another woman will do that. So she’s now spending the month that would have been her honeymoon in Italy, pet-and-apartment sitting on Tompkins Square in New York. As Willie tries to reboot her life, she watches too many woman-in-jeopardy movies on TV, and pays entirely too much attention to the pontificating parrot in…

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