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Terror With an Accent

September 3, 2014

Every time her phone rings, New York attorney Eve Petersen’s heart stops, because she knows it may be the serial rapist who’s been phoning her with grisly details of each of his crimes. And in the new mystery “Mind Me, Milady,” by Kenneth Hicks and Anne Rothman-Hicks, the Gentleman Rapist invariably hints that Eve will be next. Eve also has a new client, a sweet but troubled young woman named Susan, who is struggling to…

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Revenge Is Sweet, Except When It’s Not

December 21, 2013
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Former lawman Mex Anderson is trying to cope with the horrific murders of his family as best he can. Moving from a small Mexican town to the snowy mountains of Colorado has helped. But it seems nothing can ever take away the gut-wrenching pain of his loss, in Peg Brantley‘s suspense novel “The Sacrifice.” When the head of the drug cartel responsible for the killings approaches Mex with an offer that would reveal the individuals…

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Paranoia, Revenge, Murder – Let’s Get Poed

November 9, 2012
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You’re invited to spend the night in The Usher Institute for the Study of Criminal Psychopathology. In Candy Korman‘s new suspense thriller “POED,” the clinic’s director takes you inside a contemporary version of Edgar Allan Poe’s dark and twisted world. The Usher, an exclusive clinic housing the most heinous killers in New York City, also prides itself on burying the deadliest secrets of the city’s most prominent families. It’s an original Gothic tale of horror…

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