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Who Will Be The Next Indie Author We Recognize For Excellence?

May 8, 2013
The Bookcast Book of Exceptional Quality

We’ve got another big announcement coming, of interest to indie authors and their readers alike. If you’ve been visiting The Bookcast for any length of time, you know the overall level of excellence of the books and indie authors we feature. I take seriously the responsibility that many indie authors asked me to assume when I launched The Bookcast in fall 2011 – they asked me to be an arbiter, a curator, someone who could…

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Why I Don’t Charge Authors to be Interviewed

September 1, 2012

Indie authors and the book world have been abuzz this week over a New York Times article on book reviews for sale – and particularly positive reviews. The article, about onetime review entrepeneur Todd Rutherford, raised awkward questions for authors, especially indie authors, who are tasked with finding attention for their books while finding that, frustratingly, many reviewrs still won’t touch self-published books. Yet, in the same way you can’t get a job without experience…

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