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The Harsh – and Timeless – Lessons of Politics

December 2, 2013
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Dante Jefferson Washington is a smart, young, black, religious conservative who wants to make his mark on the Washington D.C. political stage. But in Michael Harrington‘s novel “In God We Trust,” Dante’s lofty ambitions for public service are soon entangled in the web of partisan tribal conflict, religion, and money that defines our national political dysfunction. Dante, a social outcast because of his race and political ideals, seeks the love of a former college classmate,…

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Yes, The Governor Deserved To Die. True Story.

July 23, 2012
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He’s largely forgotten now by history, even in Kentucky, where he made his political name. But William Goebel is, to this day, the only sitting U.S. governor ever assassinated. Now, it has often been said by criminal defense attornies that in a murder case the real issue is, did the victim deserve to die? And most people who knew Willilam Goebel would agree that he was pretty deserving. He destroyed lives, usurped power, undermined democracy…

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The Secret That Haunts A Presidential Hopeful

July 18, 2012

Buy the book Meet Catherine Young. She is currently the Vice President of the United States, and has just accepted the nomination of her party to attempt to become the next President. As Patrice Fitzgerald‘s novel “Running” opens, Catherine is surging in the polls against her opponent, another woman – a folksy, blonde beauty who’s married to a powerful televangelist. And just as suddenly as these things really do happen, a medical emergency thrusts Catherine…

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