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It Takes a Texas Girl to Nail This London Serial Killer

June 11, 2013
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No one expected Jennifer Jeffries to survive the physical and emotional trauma she experienced – not the doctors, not the London serial killer who chose her for his seventh victim, not the Scotland Yard detective who desperately needed her to testify against her attacker. No one expected this young, petite Texan to overcome her fears – not her witness protection team, nor the tough ex-special-forces sergeant in charge of them. And, in Naomi Kryske‘s mystery…

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Technology Turned Homicidal

February 6, 2013
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What is real? What does it mean to have a human identity, in an age when technology threatens to overtake everything we are? Here’s what is going on in Emerson Freedman‘s thriller “Killer App”… Jacob’s reality begins to unravel the moment he is hired to hunt down the Chairman’s lost property. As cryptic clues appear out of thin air and the bodies pile up, he realizes that finding the missing machine might be his last…

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‘American Psycho’ Meets ‘Sex & the City’

November 21, 2011
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After years of sexual abuse, then the loss of his mother, then the loss of his faith and finally the loss of his one true love, David Howard finally cracks. Buy the book In S.C. Cunningham‘s intense thriller “The Penance List” David has turned from a mama’s boy to a psychotic killer, and is terrorizing London. Yet’s a character who elicits from readers mixed feelings – empathy for a killer. Understanding. Fear. Mostly fear, as…

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