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Denying Her Fairy Heritage Could Be Dangerous

September 16, 2014

Once upon a time, there was civil war in Faerie. But that was a long time ago – so long ago that even the few Fayborn who know who they are can’t be sure what really happened. Still, many Fayborn believe in the Restoration, the hope of returning to an unbroken Faerie, a Faerie made new. Petra Goodfellow – descendent of Robin Goodfellow, legendary Advisor and Royal Jester to Oberon, the Fairy-King – is the…

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They’re All Fighting Over the Land – But Only One Will Get It

July 9, 2013
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Delaney Wilkins finds herself at odds with hotel developer Nick Harris over a deathbed promise and a mysterious find in the Tennessee forest, in Dianne Venetta‘s novel “Ladd Springs.” Both Delaney and Nick are after title to Ladd Springs, a mecca of natural springs, streams and trails in the eastern Tennessee mountains, a tract of land worth millions. But Delaney’s uncle, Ernie Ladd, owns the property and is adamantly opposed to them both. Delaney’s daughter,…

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