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Let’s Slay the Cliché

September 21, 2014
Let's slay the cliche

The other day I was reading the first few pages of an indie author’s latest book. It was someone whose work I was familiar with, although I had not read anything they had written lately. After just a couple of pages I had an uneasy feeling. Something wasn’t working, like a car whose engine is misfiring. Then I realized what the problem was: cliches. Worn-out phrases. Tired old ways of saying things. You know this…

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ICYMI – Indie Authors on The Bookcast Sep 8-12, 2014

September 14, 2014

Is This Why Readers Don’t Finish Books?

September 13, 2014
Reader on a stack of books

If you believe a 2013 Goodreads blog post, only one in four readers say they will stick with a book to the end, no matter what. What’s going on? Why do readers invest time in a book only to abandon it before reaching the end? And what does that mean for indie authors? Since I began interviewing traditionally-published authors some thirty years ago, and indie authors about three years ago, I have read — or,…

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ICYMI – Indie Authors on The Bookcast Sep 1-5, 2014

September 7, 2014

10 Totally Easy Ways for Readers to Support Indie Authors

September 6, 2014

You see the request framed in one way or another all over reader-centered websites – “Support indie authors.” And how, exactly, do you do that? Here are 10 simple and effective ways – and only one costs any money! Buy the author’s book. Okay, that one’s obvious, but it’s also the most tangible show of support. Most indie authors don’t earn enough to make a living writing, so every sale is important. With e-books often…

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Let The Cavalcade of Indie Authors Begin

September 2, 2014
Bill Thompson at the microphone

I’m giddy as a schoolgirl at a One Direction concert. Tomorrow is the long-awaited — by me, anyway — relaunch of The Bookcast, after a several-month hiatus forced by circumstances beyond my immediate control. I want to make this a “don’t-miss” website and podcast for readers hungry to find superb new books by indie authors. Readers, this is my promise to you: I will only feature interviews with authors whose books measure up to your…

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