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Heaven Awaits The Girl Who Dreams Big Dreams

September 8, 2014

Brenda is a teenage girl with a very healthy imagination.She also considers herself fat and unathletic. But when she meets an unusual horse she calls Big Red, Brenda undergoes an almost magical metamorphosis.And maybe it IS magical. Harriet Tramer‘s novel “Racing To Heaven” defies easy categorization. Brenda befriends Big Red, masters the art of riding him — and then he “talks” to her. Reality? Dream? Magic?And when Brenda ends up lifeless on the track, and…

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Battle of Good Vs. Evil, With Christian Undertones

May 15, 2013
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If a priest is attacked and turned into a vampire did he have a choice? If your parents were demons are you damned to Hell? Virgo Furs is an agent of the Council of the United Underworld Coalition. And in Scott Dorsey‘s fantasy “Son of a Succubus,” he finds himself asking those same questions while on a hit-list, and faces the prospect of being murdered by vampire assassins or executed by the Council for a…

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