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Slay The Cliche: 2014 Election Edition

November 5, 2014

The electioneering is over, the robocalls have ended, the votes are being counted – well, most of them – and finally ends our biannual exercise in tired old journalistic cliches. “They’re running neck and neck” is a phrase found in any race that has no clear runaway victor. On election night, of course, that contest turns into “a real nailbiter.” Good news, I suppose, for nail salons. We are told that one candidate has grabbed…

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Let’s Slay the Cliché

September 21, 2014
Let's slay the cliche

The other day I was reading the first few pages of an indie author’s latest book. It was someone whose work I was familiar with, although I had not read anything they had written lately. After just a couple of pages I had an uneasy feeling. Something wasn’t working, like a car whose engine is misfiring. Then I realized what the problem was: cliches. Worn-out phrases. Tired old ways of saying things. You know this…

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