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Sometimes Revenge Really Is Sweet

May 2, 2013
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Sometimes to get the measure of your life you just need a break from being yourself. In Garrett Addison‘s novel “The Traveller” a family man struggling in his pursuit of a work-life balance embarks on yet another trip at the whims of his tyrannical bitch of a boss. But on this trip he is a world apart from his usual self. Suddenly confident, capable and unafraid of his manager, reclaiming his life becomes less about…

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Making Sure Your Success Builds Wealth

February 11, 2013
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An often overlooked secret to creating wealth as a business owner has little to do with actually running the business. Certainly, marketing, customer service, quality products, and more are required to make a business successful. But when it comes to creating real and lasting wealth, decisions regarding this key “secret” will have the greatest impact. As both a small business lender and a small business owner himself, Chris Hurn has a bird’s eye view of…

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Will Ambition Get The Better of Verity Parker?

February 5, 2013
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Corporate glass ceilings aren’t the only things meant to be broken, and when someone determined enough shatters the glass, watch out everyone below! In the new Alicia Hope novel “Glass Ceilings” ambitious career woman Verity Parker breaks through the glass ceiling of a multi-national mining corporation and snatches the job of CEO from the waiting hands of ruthless corporate nemesis Royce James. But she then finds herself in danger of losing more than just her…

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