Slay The Cliche: 2014 Election Edition

November 5, 2014
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votedThe electioneering is over, the robocalls have ended, the votes are being counted – well, most of them – and finally ends our biannual exercise in tired old journalistic cliches.

“They’re running neck and neck” is a phrase found in any race that has no clear runaway victor. On election night, of course, that contest turns into “a real nailbiter.” Good news, I suppose, for nail salons.

We are told that one candidate has grabbed “the lion’s share” of the vote. (Of course, to be perfectly accurate, that means the candidate would have captured all of the votes, since “the lion’s share” is the entirety. Lions don’t share,)

“All politics is local,” we’re reminded time after time, and of course, “the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.” Gee, write that one down.

Red states turn blue, blue ones become red, and those that cannot easily be categorized are blithely folded into the mix as “purple.”

And, trust me on this one – anytime you hear a journalist use the phrase “Pundits say…” it’s often something they overheard one anonymous guy say to another at a bar.

It’s on to 2016….

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