S.M. White

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S. M. White survives on a steady diet of Fantasy novels, sweet tea, and procrastination. He has no liking for cold weather or small arrogant animals.

In regards to his writings, he is quoted as saying, “I think I’m a swell writer, although I do tend towards the exceptional.” Later, he rescinded the latter half of the quote in an effort to seem humble. But the damage was done.

Asked to describe himself in one word, Mr. White responded with, “Why?” After a moment of thinking, he said, “Damn, I should have said ‘inquisitive.'”

Once given a firm shake, Mr. White eventually ceases with the japery and hands over his thoughts on writing fantasy.

“I find myself leaning more in the direction of grime and grit and terrible things. I think this is because that aspect of life is the polar opposite of who I am and what I experience. And I find it interesting and engaging to place characters in horrible situations, beneath immeasurable duress, and see how they deal. With fantasy there are few set rules. The whole of my imagination is laid out before me, and often that’s unlucky for my characters.”

He also has two dogs, Alana and Dio, that he scolds hourly, as well as a maddeningly energetic cat named Montoya.

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