Rejection – It’s No Joy For Me, Either

July 29, 2012
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I knew this was coming, but I hadn’t wanted to face it.

I have to send rejection letters to some authors who have requested an invitation to be interviewed on The Bookcast.

Before launching The Bookcast last year I polled a number of indie authors to get their input on what this website should be, if it was going to be of the most value to readers and, secondarily, the indie author community. And almost all asked me – sometimes pleaded with me – to be a “curator” of talent, to please make sure only high-quality indie books were featured on The Bookcast.

Their point was that readers sampling the work of indie authors, perhaps for the first time, will be put off by books that reinforce the old stereotype of the bad “vanity press” books.

Luckily I have not yet seen any truly bad books, and I am encouraged that the overall quality of the books I’m seeing is very, very high.

But let’s be real. There will always be some work that is not up to snuff, some books that need more polish or another rewrite, or that should be thrown in the fire. My job, as host-curator of The Bookcast, is to – politely – say no to those authors.

To you, the reader, I owe a “suck-free guarantee.” I will do my best to introduce you only to the best indie books.

And if you’re an author who has received one of my rejections, please know that it was no easier for me to send it than it was for you to receive it.


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