Patrice Fitzgerald

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Patrice Fitzgerald is a creative person who was briefly disguised as an attorney. She has spent the last decade or so peeling away the layers and rediscovering the artist within. Her writing includes tightly plotted and fast-paced novels like the best-selling Kindle political thriller RUNNING, which can be found at for Kindle as well as in print. She also writes quirky short stories about sex, God, and death – not necessarily in that order – such as LOOKING FOR LANCE,, JUNGLE MOON, and TILL DEATH DO US PART, Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies.

Patrice is the CEO of eFitzgerald, an electronic publishing company founded in the summer of 2011. eFitzgerald publishes author Frisky Dimplebuns, who shares her funny adventures about looking for love in The Frisky Chronicles. The first installment is DREAMBOAT, available at The second is UGLY SEXY, which can be found at

The eFitzgerald Publishing is also proud to be the publisher of the David series, a group of short books featuring a developmentally disabled young man, written by multi-published author Anne Kelleher. The first in the series, “How David Met Sarah,” has been endorsed by the National Down Syndrome Society, to which 20% of the book’s profits are to be donated. It can be found at on Kindle as well as in print. The second in the series, “When David Was Surprised” can be purchased at These books are written at a third-grade reading level to make them accessible to everyone.

In real life, Patrice’s background includes a law degree and 15 years practicing intellectual property law followed by a decade working as a freelance writer for magazines in print and online. In addition, she is a professional mezzo-soprano who sings in styles ranging from opera to jazz. Patrice is the mother of four fairly adult children, two by birth and two by marriage. She lives in Connecticut on the water with her wonderful singing, programming and trumpet-playing husband.

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