Naomi Kryske

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Naomi Kryske is Texas-born and Texas-bred. She grew up in Houston and graduated from Rice University with a degree in political science.

More recently, she lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where paying special attention to the weather during hurricane season was a way of life.

The impetus for writing The Witness came from a nineteen-hour evacuation from Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and the destruction of her home by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Witness is the first of a series of crime/suspense novels set in London, involving the Metropolitan Police, and exploring the themes of trauma and recovery. The Witness will be followed by The Mission that will deal with the trauma of grief. The Hostage, the third book in the trilogy, will involve the trauma of injustice.

Naomi received a grant from the Melissa English Writing Trust for The Witness.

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