Lynn Cook Henriksen

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Lynn Cook Henriksen, aka The Story Woman, discovered a profound way to keep our mothers’ spirits alive after witnessing Alzheimer’s disease ravage her mother’s mind. She has helped hundreds of daughters and sons capture in brief memoirs the memories and feelings they never thought they could record.

Lynn knows tapping memory and learning to write with honesty about intimate, often trying, relationships is the most valuable form of writing. As an intuitive leader and writing coach determined to demystify the writing process, she founded TellTale Souls, an enterprise promoting writing memoir creatively through workshops, story salons, speaking presentations, and her newly published, award-winning guidebook, TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit.

The book takes readers on a journey through emotional terrain to access spiritual truths of intimate relationships as they learn to write short, true stories (bio-vignettes, a term she coined). It’s a gift to writers of all levels for “Keeping Spirits Alive.” Available on Amazon or order TellTale Souls… from your favorite bookstore.

The tears, laughter, unique voices, and thank-yous from the spirited writers she has come to know will forever reside in Lynn’s heart and soul.

She is the mother of three, the grandmother of two, and enjoys life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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