Lauren & Allison Knight

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Allison and Lauren Knight are twenty-nine-year-old identical twins from Ontario, Canada. They are virtually inseparable, having never spent more than a few hours apart at any one time.  In 2006, they both graduated from university with Double Honours Degrees in English and History, and by the end of 2008, both had earned Master’s Degrees in History.  Knowing that they had no desire to embark on separate paths, they felt at a loss as to what career would best suit their unusual lifestyle. Intermittently for the next couple of years, the two penned and self-published Mirror Mirror: Two Bodies, One Soul, a candid personal account of their experiences as identical twins.

In addition to their passion for writing, they share an enthusiasm for drawing and painting. Over the course of the past decade, they have produced dozens of collaborative pieces of artwork which they sign with the name ‘Laural’, a combination of their names.  Their many commissions are displayed on their website, along with information about how to purchase their first (but hopefully not last) book.

Since the publication of Mirror Mirror in the fall of 2011, Allison and Lauren have been asked to speak about the craft of writing, as well as bullying, mental health, and even their own twinship, to a range of audiences including school children, university students, and writers groups.  Allison and Lauren thrive on their opportunities as a two-person team, and look forward to gaining more experience and recognition as public speakers.  While they do not profess to have solutions or even well-tested advice, they strongly believe that through sharing their story and shedding more light on the prevalent issues they address in their book, they can reach out to others who similarly struggle to meet society’s expectation of ‘normal’ and to feel comfortable within their own skin.

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