Jim Wygant

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Photo: S. Wygant

Besides being the author of a true-crime memoir, three novels, a book of short stories, and a book of poetry, Jim Wygant has been editor of a small weekly newspaper, a police reporter for a large daily, an investigator in a District Attorney’s office and an Attorney General’s office, a licensed polygraph examiner for criminal defense attorneys, a website designer, an instructor and lecturer about lie detection, publisher of a newsletter for over a decade, and a teacher in adult education.

Jim taught himself to type while in high school, using instructions from a library book. He bought his first computer in the 1970s, an Osborne 1 with a CP/M operating system. He has not been without at least one computer since then. His love of books began in grade school, where he briefly served as the school librarian.

He and wife Sandy live in Oregon. They have visited the U.K., France, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Cook Islands, Russia, China, and Poland, as well as many cities in the U.S.

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