James M. Jackson

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Photo: Brad Jackson

James M. Jackson’s BAD POLICY was the grand prize winner in the Evan Marshall Fiction Makeover Contest, which judged entries on the basis of “the freshness and commerciality of the story” and the “quality of the writing.” It’s the first in a series of novels featuring financial investigator Seamus McCree. Jim has also published a number of stories, including one in the first Guppy anthology, Fish Tales. In addition, Jim has published an acclaimed book called One Trick at a Time: How to Start Winning at Bridge. Known as James Montgomery Jackson on his tax return and to his mother whenever she was really mad at him, he splits his time between the woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Georgia’s low country. Jim is one of the regular bloggers on Writers Who Kill (http://writerswhokill.blogspot.com/) and also has a blog of his own, My 2 Cents Worth Before Inflation. His next Seamus McCree novel, CABIN FEVER, will come out in 2014.

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