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What a Long, Strange Journey, To Find The Music

March 29, 2013
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For generations, the Folken have lived in total isolation. A self-contained society, they worship Bluegrass music and the legendary banjo picking of Jesus.

For the Folken, the outside world inspires fear, not curiosity.

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In William Hrdina‘s novel “Agharta,” Sarah Throckmartin is a typical 12-year old, living a typical Folken life — until her runaway dog, an old grudge, and a false prophecy combine to exile her and her brother Eddie from the Folken and everything they know.

William Hrdina

Together, Sarah and Eddie travel out into the wider world, discovering new genres of music at every turn. Making friends — and enemies – along the way, brother and sister find themselves drawn into a dangerous quest to find music’s source, a mystical city known as… AGHARTA.

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The Indie Author Life

Do authors pay attention to reviews? How about reviews of other books? Or movies, or restaurants? William Hrdina admits, on his blog, that….

I’m sorta fascinated by the way we let reviews influence our decisions. For example, I really HATED the book of Life of Pi (can’t say how I feel about the movie- haven’t seen it yet). Yet, it garners huge critical and popular acclaim. People like it. But if someone read my review of the book vs. someone elses- you wouldn’t even consider picking it up because I would talk so much about how trite and backward and silly it is and you wouldn’t want to read it.

But, for me, here’s the interesting part. I am super-conscious of all of this stuff- and yet- it works on me too! How is that possible?

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