Thriller / Family Drama

A Strange and Treacherous Family Reunion

October 8, 2012
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The SerpentThe Serpent
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Indie author Warren Adler

On the treacherous trails and isolated wilds of Yellowstone Park, an aging father, George Temple, seeks to use a nostalgic horse trek to reconcile with his estranged daughter and son.

In Warren Adler‘s new thriller “The Serpent’s Bite,” they hadn’t seen one another since the passing of George’s wife nearly five years earlier. The family reunion is intended to bring back memories of their first trek 20 years earlier.

But the story reveals secrets that plague the family, and lead to disaster.

And along the way we meet Courtney Temple, who may be one of the most evil women in fiction.

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The Indie Author Life

Warren Adler is a longtime, veteran author who is among the latest to join the indie movement. Best-known, perhaps, as author of The War of the Roses Adler has written dozens of novels. He’s also a prolific blogger, and in a recent post titled “How to Reinvent Yourself At Any Age,” Adler reveals what motivated him to turn his back on the traditional publishing world.

No matter the profession, industry leaders are the ones who can foresee future game changers and are willing to reinvent themselves at different points in their careers.

It’s all about being able to see around corners. And those who remain rooted in tradition may struggle. New technologies have left little room for old business models — and workers who don’t embrace new ways — to succeed.

Adler has emphatically embraced the “new ways” of publishing. To those who haven’t, or won’t, he says .. sayonara.

Warren Adler at his desk

Warren Adler at his desk

“If the publishing world did not see the move to cyberspace coming they were fools and are now paying the price,” says Adler, who authored the classic “The War of the Roses,” amongst other books that have gone on to become major Hollywood movies and television programs. “I predicted when I first introduced the Sony Reader in 2007 that the number of stores selling printed books would shrink in years to come.”

Adler’s personal tale illustrates it is possible to make regular creative contributions to one’s field while helping to shape its direction. Such juggling, he says, is necessary in businesses growing ever more competitive because of the Internet.


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