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Is No One Left Who Knows Compassion Anymore?

September 17, 2012
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Characters in crisis, situations right out of today’s news – Teresa Kennedy‘s short story collection “In The Country of No Compassion” offers literary fiction with a spiritual twist.

Indie author Teresa Kennedy

A young amputee and Iraq war veteran struggles for a definition of heroism in “Times New Roman.” A recovered alcoholic frees himself from the past in “The Thirteenth Step.”

In The Country of No CompassionIn The Country of No Compassion
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Other stories in Kennedy’s collection focus on the controversy surrounding illegal immigration and the US-Mexican border. In “Undocumented” a rancher tries to save his land, but risks his soul in the process.

Her book has been called a vision rich with humanity, the promise of redemption, and a timeless understanding.

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Listen to Teresa Kennedy

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The Indie Author Life

“How to Lose a Reader in Ten Pages or Less”

How’s that for a headline?

Teresa Kennedy blogged recently about the trouble an author invites with a poor opening – “why are so many novels doomed to the slush heap?” she asks. And then answers:

Because most writers fail to understand one simple truth: You don’t understand anything about how to begin your novel until you’ve written the end of it. Instead, writers tend to begin a story with a head full of questions and keep on writing until they discover how to answer them. As a result, I’ve seen literally hundreds of manuscripts where it’s all too obvious just how many pages in they were before the story really began.

Questions, Teresa says, form the backbone of a great opening, and a great story:

Questions keep us reading, and when we stop reading, chances are it’s because you’re telling us too much about all sorts of things that are essentially irrelevant. Nobody needs to know how old your character is, or talk about the weather or suddenly learn that Biff has hated Brussels sprouts since that time at Grandma’s and drives a Lexus if those things don’t have any bearing on what’s going on in the moment.

Read more at: villagegreenpressllc.blogspot.coms

And watch the book trailer for Teresa Kennedy’s short story collection “In The Country of No Compassion here:

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