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March 1, 2013
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Mattie Spyglass and the 8 Magic StonesMattie Spyglass and the 8 Magic Stones
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Shoba Sreenivasan

For Mattie O’Reilly, who was eleven and just a frizzy red-haired fifth grader, magic wasn’t even a remote possibility. Not in the basement of Sears in Hackensack, New Jersey anyway.

But October 10, 1968, would end very differently than it began.

In “Mattie Spyglass and the 8 Magic Stones,” the debut adventure novel by Shoba Sreenivasan, a mysterious antique spyglass chooses Mattie as its mistress, and hurls Mattie and her friends Eddie and Geeta, and old Mr. Herman Biddle, across the treacherous eight precious stones pursued by the evil Uri Gneezy.

And what they will witness on their journey will open their eyes to threats large and small.

From her own childhood, Shoba says she can recall “the feeling of wonder, of new places and new experiences, the possibility of the impossible, the ancient stories of the great battles between good and evil that run like sounds of an endless stream over stones … eight magic stones.

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The Indie Author Life

Publishers Weekly certain likes “Mattie Spyglass and the 8 Magic Stones”:

Shoba strikes her Geeta pose.  (

Shoba strikes her Geeta pose. (

Mattie and her friends are catapulted through the years in an attempt to destroy the spyglass before it can be used for evil. As they work through the challenges presented by the Buddhist Path of the Virtuous, they gain glimpses of a much larger conflict at work. From Hitler’s Germany and Rasputin’s Russia to ancient Babylonia and then-current Vietnam, the children fight mundane and mythological opponents, leading to a cliffhanger ending.

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And don’t miss the trailer for “Mattie Spyglass and the 8 Magic Stones”:

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