YA / Fantasy Adventure

An Ancient Evil Is On The Rise

October 29, 2012
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Indie author Ryan Shorten

A group of adolescents comes together from across the world to study the finer points of diplomacy and governance with the Circle of Tivedon, the teaching elders at the school.

But soon there are troubled tidings — an ancient evil is on the rise, threatening to plunge the land into darkness once again. This triggers a series of events that eventually leads to a hasty flight of the students under cover of darkness.

The Circle of TivedonThe Circle of Tivedon
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With foes now closing on all fronts, the elders split the students into three groups, each with a dangerous mission. It is the only way they will have any hope of stemming the dark tide that now threatens their entire world…

And then the situation worsens, with accusations of a traitorous plot….

It’s the first book in the “Circle of Tivedon” trilogy by Ryan Shorten.

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