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It’ll Take All Her Power to Defeat This Demon

April 15, 2013
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Secret of The Big EasySecret of The Big Easy
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Dr. Marie Bartek is struggling.

She is trying to learn how to gain control over the new psychic abilities she encounters while attending a veterinary conference in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

In Robin Murphy‘s mystery “Secret of The Big Easy,” these recent visions prompt Marie to work with local police back home in South Carolina, along with members of the Sullivan’s Island Paranormal Society, or SIPS, to help solve a succession of heinous satanic murders.

Indie author Robin Murphy

And Marie is fighting a demon that is bent on taking over her mind.

Can Marie and the SIPS team help the police before they lose one of their own?

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The Indie Author Life

So much of the author’s job is to present enough detail to put the reader in the moment – the sights, the sounds, the aromas. And in “Secret of the Big Easy” in particular, Robin Murphy explores the concept of “triggers,” which can be those same sights, sounds, and aromas, that make us recall something from our past.

In a recent blog post, Robin reveals the triggers she met not long ago, just watching an old movie on TV:

I remember on a warm spring night leaving my bedroom window open hearing the crickets and smelling fresh cut grass from the afternoon mowing. Or the startling wake up call to the 2 a.m. sounds of the milkman delivering milk through the neighborhood. Hearing his starts and stops at each house and the rattle of the glass bottles being placed in the insulated metal milk box on our porch.

I drifted to the summer days when I couldn’t wait to have my breakfast and hurriedly do my chores so I could go outside and play at the playground up the hill from my house. I would swing, hang on the monkey bars, and get dizzy on the merry go round for hours. Then it was a quick lunch and back outside to collect empty soda bottles with my friends in a wagon so we could make the trip to the local market to buy penny candy. We would laugh all the way home and sit under somebody’s tree and eat the candy until we thought we would bust.

Read the entire blog post here.

And watch the trailer for “Secret of the Big Easy”:

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