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Unusual Partnership, Unlikely Couple

March 27, 2013
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Spy FlashSpy Flash
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Maitland “Mai” Fisher is a spy because her parents died as spies. She has a legacy to fulfill, and she intends to do that by maintaining her principles. What may conflict with that is the fact she believes in achieving justice by any means.

Alexei N. Bukharin defected from the Soviet Union because the Communist system caused the death of his young first wife. He is also a member of an internal cabal whose aim is to bring down the Soviet Union from within, and with the help of the United Nations Intelligence Directorate.

Phyllis Anne Duncan

In Phyllis Anne Duncan‘s collection of stories “Spy Flash,” Mai and Alexei make an unusual partnership — and an unlikely couple.

From the deserts of Egypt, to Parisian markets, to the Balkans, “Spy Flash” gives you brief glimpses (both personal and professional) into the lives of these two covert operatives.

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The Indie Author Life

Can’t get enough Mai and Alexei? There’s plenty more in the works from Phyllis Anne Duncan, according to a post on her blog, called “Works in Progress“:

Book One, End Times: A botched raid on a religious compound stockpiling guns leads the U.S. government to request intelligence from the United Nations Intelligence Directorate. Alexei Bukharin and Mai Fisher assess the situation and provide a resolution, but the FBI decides on its own course of action, with disastrous results.

But wait, there’s more. Book Two is called….

“Downward Spiral”: Mai develops and deepens a friendship with John Thomas Carroll, whom she suspects is planning an act of retribution for the FBI’s failed raid on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Meanwhile, Alexei finds a rightwing paramilitary compound to infiltrate and learns that a self-styled prophet named Elijah has plans in which John Carroll plays a big part.

And there’s a Book Three – you’ll read more about it on Phyllis’s blog post here.

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