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Finding the Offbeat and Absurd in the Ordinary

February 22, 2013
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All the Lights That Have ShoneAll the Lights That Have Shone
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Indie author Paul McCormack

With a cast of characters that includes a falling toddler, the manager of the last fast food joint in the world, the Devil and a talking dog Paul McCormack‘s short story collection “All the Lights That Have Shone” isn’t a book about answers, but about really interesting questions:

What would you do if the world was ending?

How do you say goodbye when there’s no one to say it to?

What kind of person still drives a Plymouth Reliant?

And, do you know the way to San Jose?

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The Indie Author Life

What are others saying about Paul McCormack’s short story collection?

Here’s what Rick Watson, Associate Poet Laureate of North Dakota, said recently:

You get tricked by these stories, by the voices; by the way the sentences deliver themselves to your eyes, and ears. Someone is talking, someone you feel like you know, someone who is certainly not a threat, and suddenly you find yourself sitting with that someone, one of Paul’s people, in a nondescript caf�, a caf� that is interesting for its nothingness; and you are privy to Paul’s character– the character has a nice friendly, nonthreatening (which means very threatening) job interview with You Know Who. No midnight, no cross roads, no fiddles contest, and no debates, just a relaxed interview. The devil in the details turns out to be a kind of pot bellied, slightly sagging, management guy, and not a guy for Goldman Sachs or ENRON, but a guy from a piddling brown paper bag corporation.

Read the complete review – and others – here.

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