Epic Fantasy

The Epic (Epic!) Story of a Magical Land in Jeopardy

February 1, 2013
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Indie author Mark Tierno

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The world of “Maldene” is one of magic and ancient secrets, but also one that is under the dark shadow of a powerful wizard named Miro, whom even the gods are said to fear.

Miro’s true goals are the stuff of centuries-long conjecture.

Now in Mark Tierno‘s fantasy novel “Maldene,” a group of adventurers, led by Sabu and Eldar, are set on a path woven from the vision of a blind gypsy with golden skin.

And they will find themselves caught up in an ages-old conflict against Miro.

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Listen to Mark Tierno

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The Indie Author Life

What language do they speak on Maldene? Why, Maldenese, of course.

Mark Tierno created the entire language, including its own alphabet, even a dictionary —

As he wrote in a recent blog post at his website, www.maldene.com:

Of course the question arises, why bother with this stuff at all? Flavor, my dear Human, flavor, atmosphere, and personality. The more of such details and personality a world has, the more real it seems when you read it. And it is that which can draw a reader in and never let him go. Give it a try and see if I’m right.

Until then, Lashek (that means “good luck”)

Oh, and we found a rare interview with Mark Tierno’s character Eldar:

See much more at Mark Tierno’s website www.maldene.com

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