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Finally a YA Novel Written By a Real YA

April 26, 2013
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Indie author Lily Saki

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What would happen if you lost all your dreams?

Fourteen-year-old Sara dreams of nothing but becoming a famous runner. But when a tragedy at a race causes her to lose everything, things might just change, in 13-year-old indie author Lily Saki‘s novel “Strive.”

Sara is forced to face a future in a wheelchair.

Not even her best friend, Dylan can help her overcome the fear of emptiness and loss. Things get better, though, when a scientist uses Sara to experiment with his new invention for the disabled, the “Electronic Walking Pants.”

And when she meets a group of girls, her life turns around. Suddenly, change seems like a good thing.

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Listen to Lily Saki

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The Indie Author Life

Lily Saki may be only 13, but she is a self-confident young woman with a bright literary future.

In a recent interview with Aron Joice, Lily demonstrated her aplomb:

You have already had a book signing and “Alien Attack” is now in schools. Do your peers treat you any differently?

They don’t treat me that differently in school. I think that’s because I don’t really show to them that I have changed in any way. I’m the same Lily they know except that now I’m an author.

You are intelligent and appear to have strong political views. I usually don’t discuss religion, or politics on my blog, however, you are the future, what would you like to tell the leaders of our country?

I would like to tell the leaders of our country that we should focus on kids and not so much about adults. They should take away all those restrictions on kids and let us explore more. I never knew that I could publish a book at a young age until just recently. The world makes us kids seem so useless.

Read the complete interview here.

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