Stealing The Box Was The Easy Part

October 17, 2012
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Airships, sky-pirates, smugglers and soldiers…

Katherine McIntyre‘s new steampunk adventure “An Airship Named Desire” introduces us to Bea, who has run away from home and joined an airship crew that specializes in smuggling.

Ever since their last botched smuggling job, First Mate Bea and the crew can barely afford fuel, let alone a barrel of grog. So when a gentleman from Old Germany offers them a fortune to steal a locked box from a British merchant airship, they jump at the opportunity.

Indie author Katherine McIntyre

Somehow, though, their employer forgot to mention the box’s military escort. And the Morlock mercenaries who will kill to get their hands on it. And that if made public, the contents of the box could engulf Europe in another devastating war.

Stealing the box was the easy part. Now, with targets on their backs and some of the toughest characters in the sky after them, Bea and her crew have to find a way to survive.

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Listen to Katherine McIntyre

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The Indie Author Life

Who is First Mate Beatrice?

Katherine McIntyre provides a thumbnail biography of her main character – and all the major characters in “An Airship Named Desire” – on her website

First Mate Beatrice:
Often found with a new flashy cameo around her neck, Bea loves the excitement of a new challenge and the deadlier the better. She ran away from home to be a part of the crew and wants to protect her new family at any cost.

An Airship Named Desire

An Airship Named Desire

We also learn that Captain Robert Morris is “never seen without his aviator cap and trenchcoat on and would take a good cigar over a hot meal,” that Geoff is “a worrier and a natural at navigation,” and that Mordecai‘s “reputation at finding lost things or people precedes him and people tend to remember the looming man in the black trench.”

Check the full “Airship” character list here.

But wait, there’s more!

Kat also runs a Science Fiction and Fantasy review blog called Rants on Unicorns and Spaceships.

Katherine McIntyre’s on the web at

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