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How Our Brain-Stories Can Run Our Lives

April 5, 2013
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What My Heart SawWhat My Heart Saw
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Who’s telling the story of your life, you or your brain?

Searching for reasons her promising life had crumbled into obsessive thoughts and deep depression, Karen Lawrence uncovered an enigmatic past filled with deception, religious fanaticism and abuse.

Now in her book “What My Heart Saw,” Karen merges fragments of childhood memory, current scientific research and insights gleaned from practicing produce a deeply personal account of how our brain-stories can run our lives without our conscious awareness.

Karen Lawrence

Her persistent belief that she was not, in fact, doomed to a life of coping with mental illness is a poignant example of what science now knows — yes, we can change our stories, and yes, we can heal our brains.

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The Indie Author Life

What was the turning point for Karen Lawrence, in her desperate quest for answers about her memory, her past?

On a page on her website, Karen writes:

Years of emotional but unproductive excavation began to take a turn in 2007 when Karen visits family and attends her 30th high school reunion. Listening to an intuitive prompt that arises while practicing mindfulness, Karen rediscovers a journal written in her own voice as a girl. It hints at an emotionally abandoned child exposed to infidelities, sexual abuse, lies and religious fanaticism. In a short period of amazing insight, Karen connects her personal experiences with research she is doing for an article on brain science. Suddenly the scattered pieces of her enigmatic past and distressing adulthood coalesce.

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