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Who’s Really Chasing This Killer? And Are They the Bad Guys?

September 10, 2012
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“National security” seems to be a nebulous, amorphous term in the world that Adam Spence inhabits.

All about him there is infrastructure collapse, massive unemployment, riots, bombings, environmental disasters – and special enforcement squads, torture, and disappearances.

Indie author Jim Wygant

In the new thriller “No Away” by Jim Wygant, someone is pursuing Adam Spence, a band of men, the new protectors of “national security,” maybe working for the government, maybe not.

His pursuers regard him as a grave threat, part of some conspiracy of which he knows nothing.

No AwayNo Away
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He’s just a war veteran trying to live out of the back of a stolen pickup truck.

And then disease strikes, a robust, lethal form of flu that wipes out entire populations .. and things take a really bad turn.

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Listen to Jim Wygant

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The Indie Author Life

Jim Wygant has been a licensed polygraph examiner for decades. He describes his nonfiction book “Confessions of a Lie Detector” as a “true crime memoir that draws upon thirty years of working with people accused of crimes.”

From Jim’s website, an excerpt:

When a man has an appointment for a polygraph examination, it is not unusual for his wife or girlfriend or parents to tell him, “you’re going to do fine.” Reassurances like “I know you didn’t do it” and “I believe you, regardless of what anyone else says” are intended to be helpful. They often have the opposite effect. The liar interprets those messages as “don’t tell me you did it,” which is a strong deterrent to acknowledging the truth.

When someone is accused, it’s too bad that we don’t say something like, “I’m prepared to deal with the truth, whatever it is. If there’s anything you want to tell me, I’ll listen.” Of course, that requires a degree of commitment and self-assurance that we often fail to achieve.

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And watch Jim Wygant discuss “No Away” on YouTube:

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