Twenty Years Later He’s Back. But Why?

March 5, 2013
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All That Is NecessaryAll That Is Necessary
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Jennie Coughlin

Twenty years ago, when he was a boy, Rick Murray left town after his father was arrested by the State Police for trying to murder Rick’s best friend, Dan Reilly.

Now in Jennie Coughlin‘s novel “All That Is Necessary” Rick is back in Exeter, Massachusetts, and Dan must grapple with Rick’s return, and the memories that come with him.

As childhood memories run headlong into the reality of what actually happened that summer twenty years ago both men must adjust to the idea that things weren’t as simple as they seemed back then.

“All That Is Necessary” explores the collision between past and present, between memory and reality, and between two former friends whose lives changed one summer.

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The Indie Author Life

If you’ve finished All That Is Necessary and cursed the ending, Jennie Coughlin has encouraging news, as she noted in a recent blog post….

… you’ll be glad to know that my travel time to Indy this week was mostly spent brainstorming how the various threads of the plots will fit together. I even surprised myself by finding out a piece of information about one character I had only partially known. Whether you’ll find out that information in Book 2 or not is still an open question. It’s either a Book 2 or a Book 4 reveal, depending on where it has the most impact.

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