Contemporary Fantasy / Satire

It’s a Small (Weird) World, After All

August 1, 2013
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Indie author Wayne Franklin

Midlife MouseMidlife Mouse
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Bill Durmer is in over his head.

In filmmaker Wayne Franklin‘s debut novel “Midlife Mouse,” Bill Durmer, an underachieving genius, runs away to Walt Disney World in the mother of all midlife crises.

Led by a series of bizarre encounters, a hyper-caffeinated delusion and a mysterious prophecy, Bill goes to the Magic Kingdom seeking his destiny. But a group of Disney haters will do almost anything to stop him.

Pirates and princesses, morticians, moms and man-beasts, spacemen and psychos all have a stake in Bill’s future – and those are the good guys. This is not how he planned to spend his summer vacation.

A genre mash-up of contemporary fantasy, Southern lit and mystery, “Midlife Mouse” builds upon real Disney history to create a fictional mythology for the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Oh, and there is a mouse in there, too.

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Listen to Wayne Franklin

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The Indie Author Life

Why self-publish, Wayne Franklin asks? Then he answers. As he blogged recently, it turns out, he hadn’t originally intended to:

(A)n imprint of Simon & Schuster took a liking to the first five chapters of the book and asked for the rest of the manuscript. There was only one problem: there was no rest of the manuscript. (Needless to say, there is a rest of the manuscript now, and you can buy it at most online retailers, including Kobo.)

It took me about three months to finish the book, writing feverishly over the summer of 2010. Once the first draft of the full manuscript was complete, I passed it along to the editor at the imprint. She seemed eager to read it. Then … nothing. Radio silence. She stopped taking my calls. She stopped responding to my emails. It felt like one of those situations where you’re dating someone, and they suddenly learn all your dark, horrible secrets by looking up your name with the Googler and reading your arrest records and all the news stories that you could probably explain away if only you were there with them at the time, but now you’ll never get the chance, because they’ve moved away and changed their phone number and their legal name, and they’ve hired a large Swedish bodyguard named Sven just in case you find them and show up to peek in their windows, just to see if maybe they’ve simply left the phone off the hook. Yeah, it was like that.

To this day, I have no idea if it was something I did. But this editor who had been very high on my writing, based on a five-chapter sample, had suddenly disappeared. Maybe the first word of Chapter Six suddenly changed her opinion. The first word of Chapter Six is the name Katherine, by the way. Maybe the editor had bad associations with the name. Maybe she was attacked by a pack of wild Katherines as a child. It happens.

Read much more here.

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    Meh August 3, 2012 00:44Most of the nomaas comments are the same guy imnnosreatipg other guys. But yeah the ones that actually post using their identities are cool. 0  2

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