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Learn to See Your Book The Way An Editor Does

June 27, 2013
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Writers have a love-hate relationship with editors and editing. The value of good editing is obvious, but it’s not something most writers look forward to doing, or having someone else do.

The EditorThe Editor
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While editing is integral to the writing process, its role is often misunderstood.

So, what if editing could make writing less stressful and more enjoyable? What if it could help you write sharper, more compelling prose?

Indie author Stacy Ennis

Now “The Editor’s Eye” by book coach and editor Stacy Ennis shows you how editing can help you write your best book. She takes you through the ins and outs of the often bewildering book-editing process. And as you begin to understand how writing and editing complement each other, you’ll become more confident as a writer, finish your book faster, and move toward the ultimate goal: publication.

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Listen to Stacy Ennis

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The Indie Author Life

As Stacy Ennis told us in our interview, a good editor is like a coach or cheerleader for her author. Stacy’s blog contains a lot of “coaching” for authors, too, including a recent post she calls “5 Ways to Buck the Writing Blues.”

Sometimes, she says, you just get stuck, discouraged, or bored.

Here’s the first of Stacy’s five ways to break out:

Find out what inspires you…and then do it. I watch videos most mornings to get inspired for the day. In the early afternoons, when I’m feeling tired and a bit sluggish, I have a cup of tea and stretch out on my foam roller; this small break is often the fuel I need to finish the day strong. A bit later, I do some sort of exercise. This gets my blood pumping, and these long fitness sessions often lead to really great ideas. I find all of these things inspiring, and they’ve quickly become necessary to my creativity.

Read her complete post, and get all five tips, here.

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