A Boy With No Future Becomes a Man

September 15, 2014
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Indie author Nathan Gauer

A few years ago, Nathan Gauer and his mother set out on a six-week road trip just hours before his high school graduation. With nothing but open country before them, like a song, Nathan is unsure if he is running from something or toward something.

Songs to Make the Desert Bear Fruit
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After tracking down an old family friend to repay a debt his mother refers to only as “the favor,” they accept an invitation to attend a Lakota Sundance in the Black Hills, the first in over a century.

It proves to be an encounter with the unsettled debts of America’s past that will forever shape Nathan’s relationship with its future.

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The Indie Author Life

The title of this post is borrowed from one of the many laudatory reviews of Nathan Gauer’s book. Writer Meredith Muncy says:

“SONGS TO MAKE THE DESERT BEAR FRUIT is a gratifying read and a fine debut by the American writer, Nathan Gauer, whose lyrical memoir, though sobering and cautionary, testifies to the possibility of redemption against the forces of hardship and temptation as faced by the last graduating high school class of the twentieth century. Written with generosity and piercing introspection, SONGS might be called a “moral memoir.”

Read Muncy’s complete review here.

Illustrations by Gonzalo Obelleiro for "Songs to Make the Desert Bear Fruit."

Illustrations by Gonzalo Obelleiro for “Songs to Make the Desert Bear Fruit.”

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