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The Harsh – and Timeless – Lessons of Politics

December 2, 2013
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In God We TrustIn God We Trust
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Michael Harrington

Dante Jefferson Washington is a smart, young, black, religious conservative who wants to make his mark on the Washington D.C. political stage.

But in Michael Harrington‘s novel “In God We Trust,” Dante’s lofty ambitions for public service are soon entangled in the web of partisan tribal conflict, religion, and money that defines our national political dysfunction.

Dante, a social outcast because of his race and political ideals, seeks the love of a former college classmate, a beautiful Eurasian Muslim woman who works as a medical ER intern in New York. Their lives, and those of their two closest friends, are eventually torn apart by the disaster of 9/11 and the war that follows.

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The Indie Author Life

What is this book about?

On his blog “Casino Capitalism and Crapshoot Politics” Michael Harrington tells us:

On the story/plot level it’s about our current political dysfunction seen through the eyes of a young “coming-of-age, loss of innocence” protagonist. It is also a mystery of conspiracies of Freemasons, religious orders, and backroom politics. At a timeless, philosophical level it’s about whether the foundation of social order should be derived from the laws of a higher power or from the laws established by man using reason.

Even if one rejects the idea of a higher power, the religions of the Book then reflect the wisdom of the ages, so the question is to what extent man’s enlightenment improves or supplants that wisdom of the ages. The answer is unclear and worth contemplating…

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