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Using The “Flow” That You Thought Only the Creatives Had

June 20, 2013
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Indie author Linda Smarzik

The Mind of Thuse!!The Mind of Thuse!!
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To those who experience life as struggle, hard work, and constant effort, the concept of “effortlessness” may seem incomprehensible.

But is it, really?

Stop and think about a time when you could work on a project for hours. Perhaps you were fixing a car, baking a cake, or creating a make-believe story for a child. Did you lose track of time? Did you even forget that you were hungry?

You may have been experiencing the flow of effortlessness.

The experience of effortlessness is for everyone, including those holding fast to the idea that this sort of flow belongs only to “creative” people.

Linda Smarzik‘s book “The Mind of Thuse!!” is a guide describing the neuroscience, philosophy, and new thought behind the process of creativity that can lead us into this sublime state of effortlessness.

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The Indie Author Life

What inspired Linda Smarzik to pursue The Thuse? As is explained on her website, it was in 1999, during a trek in the Nepal Himalayas…

On the second evening of her journey, she experienced such intense altitude sickness that she was told to immediately return down the mountain to the next lodge, two hours away. There was little light left in the evening sky as she and her guide Dawa began running back down the mountain on a crumbling, rocky trail. Earlier in the day Linda had trekked for a full eight hours and, as a result, fatigue had set in. As her footing became uncertain, Linda began to slip and stumble close to the sheer drop offs. Yet, during that dangerous Himalayan descent, something amazing happened.

What happened? “Exactly what transpired on that Himalayan mountain range has taken Linda years to sort out”….

Linda realized that what had happened during her descent was no different from the experience of a painter effortlessly surrendering to the next paint stroke or a writer letting her fingers fly across a keyboard. Furthermore, she realized this process of creativity or effortlessness does not pertain just to “creative” individuals. Rather, everyone has the ability to tap into their own effortlessness. This realization, this new understanding, now serves as the foundation for Linda’s writing, research, and teaching.

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