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A Family, a Bygone Era – And Baseball

September 17, 2014
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Indie author Len Joy

September 1953…

Minor league baseball pitcher Dancer Stonemason is three days from his major league debut. And with his wife and son cheering him on, he pitches the greatest game of his life.

American Past Time
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And then loses everything.

Dancer never gets his shot at the big leagues, settling instead for a blue collar job that pays the bills.

Told against the backdrop of America’s postwar challenges — from Little Rock to the Bay of Pigs to Viet Nam — Len Joy‘s novel “American Past Time” is the story of what happens to a man and his family after the cheering stops.

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Listen to Len Joy

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The Indie Author Life

In the talented hands of a writer like Len Joy, even the mundane banality of jury duty takes on a dramatic tone.

In a July 2014 blog post titled “Jury Duty” we meet Len Joy, Prospective Juror:

The judge asks me what kind of work I do. I tell him I’m a writer. I figure this is not the time to share my angst over whether I should call myself a writer or say that I’m TRYING to be a writer. He asks me what I write and I tell him I’ve written a novel about a minor league baseball player. He asks me who it is, and then he says, “Wait, you said it was fiction. Never mind.” So I miss the opportunity to plug my book. Then he asks me what I’ve been reading. I suppose technically I should reveal that I’ve been reading about the hit man from Detroit who looks like the defendant. But I don’t. I just say fiction and the judge moves on.

Read the entire post here.

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One Response to A Family, a Bygone Era – And Baseball

  1. September 17, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    I read Len’s novel and really enjoyed it. Also enjoyed listening to his audio interview. Like he’s in the room! Thanks for this.

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