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Romance Writers Are Dropping Dead. And She May Be Next.

October 1, 2014
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Just when romance author Chyna Blaze decides to give up her life of fear and anxiety — and the inevitable panic attacks that ensue — she faces a new problem. Her peers are being knocked off, one at a time, and a persistent detective insists she’s high on the list.

And this time it’s not the bestseller list.

Kiss and KillKiss and Kill
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In “Kiss and Kill” by Lala Corriere, when Chyna’s publicist arranges for a couple of fake dates with the well-known literary giant, she finds the publicity stunt annoying but harmless.

Orson Locke had given up writing years ago, but he isn’t giving up any of his vices. He likes his sugar straight out of the cans of white icing, chased by plenty of bourbon. He likes his Edgar Allen Poe.

lala corriere

And he likes his temptations well-sated.

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The Indie Author Life

In a recent interview in her hometown of Tucson, AZ, Lala Corriere revealed more about her writing life:

Corriere said much of her inspiration comes simply from watching what is happening around her.

“In order to be a writer, you must be an expert in observation,” she said. “When I hear or think of an interesting name, I write it down. Sometimes I’ll catch a small scene, and sometimes I’ll overhear an entire plot. In a writer’s life, you don’t sleep. When an idea hits you, you get out of bed and you write it down on a computer or notebook. Those are the best parts – those ‘A-ha’ moments.”

Corriere was fortunate to be mentored and endorsed by the New York Times Best Seller, Sidney Sheldon, who until his death in 2007, at age 89, had published 18 books and sold more than 300 million copies.

“I learned a lot from him,” said Corriere. “I learned a lot about how to write dialogue, and I learned a lot about being persistent.”

Read the complete interview here.

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