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The Down-to-Earth Children of Asgard

September 19, 2014
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Indie author James Goldin

Thrud is a teenage girl, who has an after-school job waiting tables.

Her younger, twin brothers Magni and Modi, have the usual problems with school, bullies, family issues, as do the other children they know.

But these are no ordinary youngsters. These are “The Aesir Kids” – that’s the title of the new novel for young readers by James Goldin, and his daughter Charlotte.

It’s a fantasy built on actual Norse mythology.

Along with other gods, godlings, light-elves, trolls, dwarfs and creatures, the young heroes of “The Aesir Kids” must find a way to save the universe .. and find the core of courage within themselves.

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Listen to James and Charlotte Goldin

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The Indie Author Life

In a recent interview with, James and Charlotte Goldin describe some of their favorite characters:

Tell us about an interesting character or group of characters in your novel.

Charlotte: Thrud, because it’s sort of like a teenage girl on Earth, except there’s no TV or movies, and she’s being deprived of all her rights by a grumpy old grandfather (Odin), who has all the power. And Fire—Fire’s the only one we made up.

James: Charlotte wondered what would happen if the three Norns who weave the fates of humans decided they wanted a child of their own. So they make one, and it turns out he has control over flame…as well as some other, more mysterious, abilities.

Charlotte: He’s interesting because he’s technically not a Norse god and he doesn’t act like they do, and he’s never technically had a childhood, since he was “born” when he was twelve or thirteen.

Read the complete interview here.

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