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A Woman’s Desperate Search for The Baby They Made Her Give Up

September 12, 2014
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Indie author Erika Liodice

Empty ArmsEmpty Arms
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Catharine Chase’s entire life is built on a secret.

In 1972, at age sixteen, she got pregnant. An embarrassment to her parents, Catharine was exiled to a maternity home to carry out her pregnancy far away from the watchful eyes of their tight-knit community. But what no one told her was that she wouldn’t be allowed to keep her baby.

With her daughter’s screams still echoing in her ears, the medical staff told Catharine she’d move on with her life and have more children. They promised she’d forget. But they were wrong. Catharine never forgot Emily.

In the novel “Empty Arms” by Erika Liodice, it is now 1996 and Catharine and her husband, Paul, want a family. But when they learn that they can’t have children, Catharine risks her job, her marriage, and her family’s reputation in a desperate attempt to find the daughter she never wanted to give away, and reclaim her only chance to be a mother.

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The Indie Author Life

Erika Liodice has written a very powerful story that will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book or put down your Kindle.

But if you need more reasons to buy “Empty Arms,” Erika provides a list on her website, :

6 Great Reasons to Buy a Copy:

1. You like my writing. If you’ve enjoyed my blog and/or articles over the past 3 years…why not check out my fiction writing?

2. Adoption, parenthood, or infertility has touched your life. Empty Arms explores these subjects while shedding light on the experiences of an entire generation of women who were forced to surrender their babies for adoption.

3. It’s cheaper than going to the movies. Priced at $2.99, the Empty Arms e-book is a low-cost, high-reward entertainment proposition.

4. You want to support my dream. If I’ve inspired, motivated, or encouraged you to follow your dream, and you want to do the same for me, this would be a great way to help me make my dream a reality.

5. You need a book for your book club. Every copy of Empty Arms includes a Reader’s Club Guide. Plus, I’m available to attend your book club meeting (via phone, Skype, or, depending on your location, in-person) for a lively discussion. (Please send your book club request to:

6. It’s for a good cause. I’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds to Save the Children, because at the heart of every adoption story is a child. Sadly, there are millions of children around the world who don’t have a family to love them, clothes to keep them warm, food to nourish their growing bodies, a safe place to sleep, medicine to keep them healthy, or a decent education so they can thrive in this world. I’m proud to be supporting this fine charity through the sales of my novel, Empty Arms. Together we can help save the children.

And here’s the book trailer for “Empty Arms”:

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