Suspense / Thriller

A Hitman’s Last Chance

April 12, 2013
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Imagine creating the perfect drug – all of the highs, none of the lows. No side effects, no painful physical withdrawal, no drawbacks.

Or are there?

The Storm ProtocolThe Storm Protocol
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Iain Cosgrove‘s thriller “The Storm Protocol ” takes us deep into the Louisiana bayou, Thomas Eugene O’Neill, a.k.a The Street, is an Irish immigrant mob enforcer, waiting patiently with his gun amidst the sweltering heat of a southern storm.

His employers, Italian American druglords Guido and Ernesto Mancini, have a guaranteed formula to create the perfect narcotic and Thomas knows too much.

But he is also not alone.

Iain Cosgrove

Detective Charles Roussel, ex hot-shot city lawyer turned small town Louisiana lawman, and Dale Foster, unorthodox New York DEA agent, are also set on paths that will lead them to the same inevitable destination; Ireland.

And for Thomas, the middle-aged hit man, all roads seem to lead back to Cork; the city of his birth, and to the ghosts of his past.

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The Indie Author Life

In a recent blog post on Goodreads, Iain Cosgrove ruminates on “What makes a work timeless?”

Is it the quality of the writing that makes it timeless? Is it the lack of references to items that could date it .. or is it my imagination that is bringing it out of the past..?

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