Autobiography / Memoir

The Absurd Diary of a Gay Beauty Junkie

March 4, 2013
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Indie author Harvey Helms

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For a number of years, Harvey Helms kept a diary – the story of a young gay man who accidentally ends up as one of the very first male beauty advisors selling behind a department store cosmetic counter in the south.

Now in his memoir called “blush: the unbelievably absurd diary of a gay beauty junkie,” Harvey introduces us to she-dragons, man drama, lipstick, Tammy Faye Baker, Senator Jesse Helms, plus more than a large dose of gay-man craziness

Always through a humorous lens, “blush” examines the relentles – once nearly-fatal – bullying he has endured, as well as the not-so-pretty side of the cosmetic industry.

A man behind the cosmetic counter is seen as the norm today, but when Harvey started it was more like he was part of a freak show, vividly conveyed in the first chapter of his book, which Harvey calls “I’m the Revlon Girl.”

“blush” also gives an in-depth look at growing up gay in an intolerant world and being authentically yourself against all odds.

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The Indie Author Life

Harvey Helms is a columnist for, and in a recent column called “Harvey Writes a Book” he offered a glimpse into the process:

So I’m at a cocktail party with fabulous girls, where you know I get all of my best ideas, and a woman with a dirty martini in hand says to me, “Congratulations on your book! You know, Harvey, I think I should write a book about my life because it’s probably as twisted as yours!” In that moment I went into a magical dream sequence. You know like when that happens on TV and the screen goes wavy and there’s some musical interlude that let’s you know we’re leaving the present to venture to the unknown? Maybe The Twilight Zone?

I’m suddenly transported to New York City. There I am sitting down, looking out of my apartment window, typing away on my laptop about She Dragons, Man Drama and Lipstick. Yes ladies, I’ve now become Harvey Bradshaw AKA the “Gay Carrie Bradshaw” from Sex and the City! I adore Sarah Jessica Parker! I immediately want to call Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda to meet for Cosmopolitans, but I’m snapped back to the moment by the same woman who’s now snapping her fingers in front of my face, asking, “HARVEY? WHERE ARE YOU? I have a fashion emergency and I need your advice! What’s your favorite body smoother? Spanx or Yummy Tummy?”

In the cab going home from the party that night, I start to channel Carrie Bradshaw again. You know when she types a question into her laptop and that lets us know what that particular Sex and the City episode will be about? Well, the question I typed in my mind was, “If we all think that our lives would make great stories, how do I write and publish a book?”
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Read the entire column here.

And see Harvey Helms read his first BettyConfidential.Com column:

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