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In Johnson, Ohio a Star is Bored

February 14, 2013
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Gordon Osmond

There’s nothing like the arrival of a Hollywood star to stir the passions of the people of the sleepy small town of Johnson, Ohio.

During his stay with Johnson’s most physically appealing family, the star shakes up the lives of the reigning queen of the local theatre scene, her lawyer husband, and the couple’s handsome but sexually undecided son.

Add a scandal at the husband’s law firm and a kidnapping with suicide demanded as ransom and you have what propels family members to New York City and Hollywood – and Gordon Osmond’s debut novel “Slipping on Stardust” to its shattering conclusion.

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The Indie Author Life

High praise for Gordon Osmond’s “Slipping on Stardust” from David Menefee, writing at

Any author who has managed to run the gauntlet of hurdles outlaid for writing, proofing, releasing, and publicizing a work deserves kudos for stamina and perseverance, and authors daring to release a fiction novel in a year characterized by an unprecedented avalanche of new releases earns admiration for daring and optimism. If the finished first work manages to reveal well-defined characters, unfurl a plot that stays one step ahead of the reader, and entertain with wit and style, then the author has achieved something nearly unattainable. Gordon has not only reached for all three brass rings, he snags them with aplomb.

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