Dark Comedy

Forced To Grow Up (Finally)

April 18, 2013
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Indie author Gaelen VanDenbergh

Running Against TrafficRunning Against Traffic
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Paige Scott is done in. Done for. Done with it.

Having spent her childhood shuffled between relatives who ignored her, and her adult life hiding within the walls of her relationships with men, Paige is now prepared to live out her empty days in her crumbling marriage to David Davenport.

David has other plans, however.

And in Gaelen VanDenbergh‘s novel “Running Against Traffic” David flings Paige into a remote, impoverished world, in stark contrast to the wealthy cosmopolitan one that was all she knew. Here she is forced to face the betrayals of her past and learn, for the first time, how to care for herself, and for others.

Hilarity and tragedy, addictions, unexpected friendships, and Paige’s discovery of running and the relief it brings propel her on her journey toward the mending of a broken spirit, and learning how to truly live.

Step by step, mile by mile.

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The Indie Author Life

In a recent interview with the blog “When a Woman Wrongs a Man,” Gaelen VanDenbergh was asked if she shares any traits with her heroine, Paige Scott:

Since your lead protagonist is a female does she have any of your personality traits?

This particular novel is very close to my heart because I do share quite a bit now and in my past with Paige, and Bryce as well. Not their family background, though. My family is very supportive and involved with me. But struggles, mistakes, heartaches, and personality traits, yes. I think Paige and I both tend to struggle with how to live our lives well, how to experience joy, how to not to trip over our lives. And we both depend on running for emotional well being.

Read the complete interview here.

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One Response to Forced To Grow Up (Finally)

  1. April 18, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Fascinating! Thank you for introducing us to another wonderful storyteller. I cannot wait to read Paige’s story.

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