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Two Sisters and the Impossible Escape

January 29, 2013
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Indie author Gabrielle Arrowsmith

Concealed in the ShadowsConcealed in the Shadows
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Sydney Harter has long awaited September 12th, 2033, her eighteenth birthday. She can finally apply for guardianship of her sister Evvie, her only family and entire world.

Sydney holds a sliver of hope that they will be lawfully reunited, and that light will return to her desolate life. But she is prepared to defy authority and risk everything to escape Miles County so that she and Evvie can live full lives together.

In Gabrielle Arrowsmith‘s dystopian young adult novel “Concealed in the Shadows” citizens are bound to their county by sophisticated chip implants that deliver shocks to anyone who crosses the electronic barrier.

It would seem to be impossible to escape into the forgotten forests and cities of the past, but Sydney is determined to find a way, if she is denied guardianship of Evvie.

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